King Media Bundle

Avidi Media 1.6 - Ultimate Video, Music, Image and Gif Sharing Script It is a platform to share stock photos free of high quality, users will be able to upload their photos to share with the whole community and visitors, and may receive donations through PayPal. In addition users will be able to give you like, comment, share and add to collections your favorite photos.

  • Demo User: john
  • User Pass 123456
  • URL Click
  • Features are disabled in Panel Admin


Admin Features:



Important: All images used in this demo are solely and exclusively from their owners and they are not included in the script

Change Log / Updates


Update 1.4 // 28 April 2018

  • [Bug Fix] Click remember button
  • [Bug Fix] Delete user Collections
  • [Bug Fix] Categories nonexistent (url)
  • [Bug Fix] Verification email alert
  • [Bug Fix] Unverified user can not post
  • [Bug Fix] Return to the previous url after login

  • [IMPROVED] Social Login
  • [IMPROVED] Motor Search
  • [IMPROVED] Password Reset


Update 1.3 // 29 May 2017

  • [Bug Fix] Add photos in Collections
  • [Bug Fix] Order size the photos
  • [Bug Fix] Manage error Facebook Login
  • [Bug Fix] Edit website user from Admin
  • [Bug Fix] Filter members location
  • [Bug Fix] Delete Photos on Collections
  • [Bug Fix] Auto Approve photos error
  • [Bug Fix] Corrected confusion of dimensions and size in uploading photos
  • [Bug Fix] CSS error on list users on mobile devices

  • [NEW] Add options 15,20,30,40,50MB
  • [NEW] Add new resolutions 1024×768 and 1280×720
  • [NEW] Improved SEO title and description of photo
  • [NEW] User name is displayed if it exists instead of username
  • [NEW] Added block for Google AdSense on homepage


Update 1.2.1 // 19 May 2017

  • [Bug Fix] Facebook Login
  • [Bug Fix] Pending images show in similar photos
  • [Bug Fix] Delete user
  • [NEW] Improved Facebook errors Login
  • [NEW] Added Https to Google Fonts


Update 1.2 // 19 March 2017

  • [Bug Fix] Support HTTPS Google Fonts
  • [Bug Fix] Date in Sitemaps
  • [Bug Fix] Password Reset bug
  • [Bug Fix] Showing image of category
  • [Bug Fix] Error showing photos pending in some sections


Update 1.1 // 13 February 2017

  • [Bug Fix] Photos redirection
  • [Bug Fix] Count Members in Page Members
  • [Bug Fix] Count Likes in Admin Panel
  • [Bug Fix] Removed Social Share in Photos pending
  • [Bug Fix] Verify Email
  • [Bug Fix] Download image all users
  • [NEW] Sitemaps –
  • [NEW] Get name from Facebook
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